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artificial grass

Everyone wants greenery around, however in this fast and furious life rarely does one have the time for maintenance, mudding, mowing, watering or even identifying and appointing a good gardener. You can now have the cake and eat it too. We at Zeal Enterprises have a vision to give as many people a “Green Thumb” so that you can have the green you want and also make your neighbours go green with envy, without seeing red in your daily itinerary. Zeal Enterprises in association with FieldTurf Tarkett, pioneers in artificial grass now make Quality International Services available in India.
You could walk barefoot on FieldTurf and not realize that it is artificial grass. You could even touch it and still be unsure. That’s exactly why FieldTurf has come as a God-sent for architects, designers and landscapers to plan for and ensure that the greenery is almost permanent! If you want to have a lush green lawn where it is difficult to grow natural grass or impossible to maintain it, FieldTurf is the ideal solution

FieldTurf Tarkett enables you to have virtually maintenance-free “grass” surfaces (no watering, fertilising, mowing or weeding etc) in homes, commercial areas and corporate campuses…basically every conceivable facility. More importantly, FieldTurf

“Looks like Grass…Feels Like Grass…Plays like Grass”

With a one-time investment for a prestigious project like yours, you will be able to ensure lawns that are aesthetic, almost-permanent lawns, with virtually no maintenance and lower cost of ownership

Limitations of Natural grass:

  • Never ending Maintenance costs
  • Cost / availability of Water, Mowing,Weeding, Fertilizing
  • Worries of leakage / structure weakening
  • Delicate, restricted usage
  • Frequent re-laying; brown patches

FieldTurf Artificial grass as a solution for all these limitations :

  • One time cost
  • No watering, No Maintenance
  • No standing water! (Ideal for rooftops)
  • Rugged, round-the-clock usage
  • Lush green, grassy look for years


Apart from these, there are significant other benefits:

  • UV treated to resist fading
  • Easy to clean
  • Easily withstands high summer heat or torrential rainfall
  • Retain the same lush green feel for years and years, even with heavy usagee
  • Lower Cost-Of-Ownership than grass (over it estimated life of 15 years)




When installed on rooftops, FieldTurf also contributes significantly to lowering the temperature in the rooms below the rooftop. This can lead to significant reduction in power consumption. FieldTurf is ideal solution for.

  • Rooftop gardens, balconies, shaded areas
  • Sports activities (Walking / Jogging tracks; Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton courts)
  • Indoor areas (Atriums / Lobbies)
  • Rocky areas
  • Water constraint (Traffic islands, dry / desert-like /water-deficient areas)
  • High summer heat
  • Heavy foot traffic areas (Club houses, Shopping Malls, Hotels and Resorts





Depending on the specific product, the Warranty ranges from 5 years to 8 years